Northlands' guide to understanding your dog

Posted on 21st Sep 2017

Check out our five top tips for interpreting your dog’s behaviour, from barking to digging.

Is your rabbit under the weather?

Posted on 14th Sep 2017

Loss of appetite is a warning sign your rabbit may be unwell. Northlands can help advise you.

Northlands Veterinary Hospital gets honest about cats

Posted on 7th Sep 2017

Funny felines are all around us, whether at home or on the internet. Check out our list of truths for cat owners – and don’t forget to book regular check-ups.

Northlands' top five apps for cat owners

Posted on 21st Aug 2017

Ever wanted to track your kitty’s daily habits and health or identify common hazards? Now you can, with our top cat apps.

Helping a home-alone hound in Kettering

Posted on 14th Aug 2017

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, Northlands Veterinary Hospital has many tips to help you make it feel more comfortable.

Understanding flystrike and how to avoid it

Posted on 7th Aug 2017

Flystrike is a common ailment for small pets in Kettering between April and October. Here’s how to prevent it.

Treat your pooch to luxury chews for £12.95

Posted on 21st Jul 2017

Have the most pampered pooch in Kettering with premium chews and toys from Wuff & Waggle for just £12.95.

Prevent cat heat stroke in Kettering

Posted on 14th Jul 2017

During the height of summer, it’s essential to keep your cat cool. Northlands outlines how to prevent feline heat stroke.

Keep your Northamptonshire rabbit cool

Posted on 7th Jul 2017

Domestic rabbits need a cool environment to stay comfortable. Here’s how to prevent your bunny from overheating.