Cat & Rabbit Care Clinic’s advice for grooming your cat

Cats love to groom themselves but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a little extra help. How often you brush out your cat depends on the length of its coat – a long-haired variety needs grooming daily while cats with shorter coats will be fine with a weekly brush.

Here’s the lowdown from the team at the Cat & Rabbit Care Clinic on the benefits to both you and your pet of a regular grooming routine. Still got questions? We’re here to help when you contact us for advice.

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Although cats are generally good at their personal hygiene, sometimes the job is too big, or if they’re poorly or elderly they may not take quite such good care of themselves, which is where you come in. even healthy cats can sometimes do with a helping hand.

If you’re around to remove moulting fur you’ll also be helping to reduce the risk of your cat getting a hairball, for example, which can cause problems in the intestine. A grooming session is also an opportunity for you to check for lumps and bumps that could signal an underlying problem.

It’s a good time too to check your cat’s coat for fleas. In fact, it’s a good idea to make a flea comb part of your grooming kit, along with a soft brush and/or a grooming glove.

Our head nurse Katie says grooming your cat is a great way of strengthening the bond between the two of you as well as being a great way of keeping an eye on your pet’s overall health. If you spot anything that you think could be cause for concern, we are just on the end of a phone, 01604 478888, or you can contact The Cat & Rabbit Care team to make an appointment with one of our nurses for advice.

Cat & Rabbit Care Clinic’s advice for grooming your cat