Cat & Rabbit Clinic's tips for getting through your rabbit’s teenage years

The average lifespan of a rabbit is around eight years but it  reaches the difficult teenage phase at anywhere between six months and a  year.

It’s at this stage that you might notice your rabbit being a little  moody and stand-offish, or more active than usual. To help you and your  rabbit through what can be a tricky time the team at Northampton has  put together a few pointers. Of course, you can always contact us if you need any further advice.

In common with human  teenagers, rabbits at this stage in their life need to find their place  in the pecking order, whether it’s with fellow rabbits, its human family  or other pets in the household, and their behaviour will reflect this.

Hormones may well be the culprit if your rabbit is displaying  hyperactivity such as digging, thumping its hind legs, head-butting you  or scratching. It may also become less inclined to interact with you. In  both cases your pet may be seeking attention, but equally they may be  trying to tell you something is wrong, so to be on the safe side if  you’re at all worried do give the team a call on 01604 478888 and they  should be able to help.

If your pet hasn’t been neutered, this is probably at the root of  the issue and we advise that you consider this option, especially if  your pet is living with other rabbits and you don’t want a sudden  population boom. Remember, it’s settling into its personality so do be  patient – we all go through it.

You can make an appointment to discuss getting your rabbit neutered by phoning 01604 478888 or contacting us online.

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Cat & Rabbit Clinic's tips for getting through your rabbit’s teenage years