Finding a sitter for your small furry pet in Northamptonshire

If you’re planning a weekend city break or a longer holiday this summer, it’s unlikely you’ll be taking your hamster or guinea pig with you. So how do you go about finding a good small animal boarding option  in Northamptonshire?

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Small animals can be fairly easy to look after as long as your pet sitter understands their needs. Below are some small animal boarding options you may want to consider.

Home-from-home - Ask a friend or family member to have your small furry pet come and stay with them whilst you’re away. Remember, some small pets are nocturnal and like to play spin the hamster wheel at night, make your pet sitter aware of things like this. Also, ask them to put safety measures in place if there are pets and small children in their house.

Daily visiting service - Ask a friend, family member, or neighbour to pop in each day to make sure your pet has enough food and water, and to spend a little time giving them some company.

Professional small animal boarding facility - Search online or ask your vet for local recommendations of boarding facilities designed for small animals. Make sure to go and see where and how your  pet will be looked after for peace of mind.

Five things you should provide your small animal pet sitter with:

  1. Your pet’s cage, or at least their bedding, as small pets like familiarity.

  2. Enough food for their stay, and their own bowls and water bottles.

  3. Write down your pet’s routine, such as meal times and when they’re most active so your pet sitter will know what to expect and if something is wrong.

  4. Any special medication and instructions.

  5. The phone number of your veterinary practice, who will have animal history records for your pet.

Whichever small animal boarding option you go for, you may want them to limit or avoid letting your pet out of their housing, as they may try to escape in unfamiliar surroundings.

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Finding a sitter for your small furry pet in Northamptonshire