Five games to keep your cat entertained indoors

When it’s wet & wintery outside, most cats tend to prefer spending more time indoors warming themselves by the fireplace or radiator. Make your cat’s indoor time more beneficial to their health, and enjoyable, by spending time playing with them.

Our team at The Drive have come up with some fun games to keep your cat entertained and exercised indoors.

1. Tasty Treasure Hunt

Hide some of your cat’s daily (dry) food allowance or low-fat treats around your home. Encourage your cat to go on a tasty treasure hunt, keeping them active and mentally stimulated. Pro tip, you might want to put any breakables away!

2. The Chase

Most cats love to chase and capture some kind of ‘prey’. You can mimic this behaviour indoors by attaching cat toys to a piece of string and dangling them in front of your cat, before pulling the toy away. Now the chase is on! Let them capture and play with the ‘prey’ sometimes to avoid frustration and boredom.

3. Trick & Treat

Yes, cats can learn too! Teaching your cat to give a high-five, to come when called, or to sit might sound tricky, but it’ll be an excellent bonding experience for you both. You’ll need a clicker (check they’re happy with the noise first), a quiet space, a high-value treat such as freeze dried or roast chicken as a reward, and some patience. Keep training sessions short and regular to help your cat learn.

4. Hide & Seek

Once your cat knows how to come when you call them, try playing hide & seek. It’s very simple - you hide, and call your cat to find you. Make sure to reward your cat when they do find you, else they might not want to play again!

5. Gym Time

You can buy cat towers and scratching posts online, or you can make your own home cat gym out of cardboard boxes and other household items. Give them places to climb, scratch, hide, and play. If you’re stuck for ideas, search YouTube for ‘how to make a home cat gym’ videos.

Do you have any games that you play with your cat at home?

We’d love you to share them with other cat owners on our Facebook page so we can get even more cats having fun this Winter!

Five games to keep your cat entertained indoors