Holiday care for small mammals in Northampton

When it comes to finding holiday care options for smaller pets in Northampton, the variables are a little more complicated than those for Dogs & Cats. This is basically down to the specialist care, handling  and attention certain species require. There are a few common requirements that apply to most small mammals. These revolve around making sure they are appropriately vaccinated and healthy before you  leave for your trip.

If you’re not sure of the vaccination status of your Rabbit, Ferret, Hamster or other small furry, then why not book them in with us for a small animal health check.

Book a small animal health check

In a way that leads us onto our second piece of general advice.

If you’re leaving your small pet for the first time and are looking for holiday help, then start your preparations early, especially if you have a relatively uncommon pet. Whilst there are an increasing  number of holiday care options for pets (that are not cats or dogs) small mammal care tends to be harder to find and that means you’ll need time to prepare.

When it comes down to it, you’ll have three options;

  1. Ask family or friends to look after your small pet in your home

  2. Take your small furry to someone else’s home

  3. Take your small mammals to a professional boarding business

If you have a pet that does not require special care, is happy to travel and easy to transport; then the best and most obvious option is to have friends of family take your pet into their house. If you choose  this option, do make sure your pet travels with easy to follow care and feeding instructions along with a note of our details (if they have an emergency or just need a little advice).

If you have pets that don’t like to travel, for instance rabbits, it’s best to keep them in your house and have someone visit. Again, leave care instructions.

If you have a pet which needs a little special handling, then make sure that whoever will be looking after them gets used to dealing with them before you go. Again, a bit of preparation is required here.

If you’re leaving your pet at a professional pet boarding facility:

  1. Check the provider out before your book and take up a few references.

  2. Make sure your pet is prepared for the journey to and from their holiday digs.

  3. Do send them with an ample supply of their favourite food and clear instructions on handling, routine and preferences.

Finally, if you have any exotic species, your best option is to network with owners of similar pets in the area and swap holiday care. Most exotics require a fair bit of specialist knowledge and it’s not really fair just to leave them with anyone (on the animal or the pet).

Don’t forget, if you do need any advice or help, you’re always welcome to call us on 01604 478888 and we’ll do whatever we can to assist.

Holiday care for small mammals in Northampton