How to buy the perfect dog toys this Christmas

Christmas shopping in Northamptonshire will be a little different this year thanks to Mr Covid, but that shouldn’t stop our companion animals & other pets from having a good time. Allison, our head nurse, and the team thought they would pull together a little general advice when shopping for dog toys and general Christmas gifts for pets. Follow their tips and everything you buy for your pets should keep them happy, healthy & at home.

We have a selection of toys and equipment at the practice that meet the five criteria we’ve laid out below. If you’re fed up with buying things for your pets that last five minutes, then why not find out what we have on offer for Christmas.

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There are five key things pet owners in Kettering should look out for when buying toys or other ‘treats’ for pets:

1. Safe pet toys

Beware cheap toys. These can normally be chewed to bits and then swallowed. Avoid chuckers and wangers if your dog is old, recovering from injury or has arthritis.

2. Fun pet toys

Make sure the toys will be fun for you and your pet. For instance, avoid tuggers, if you have a dog who is dominant and noisy toys if you think that cute little squeak will get on your nerves after a few hours.

3. Durable pet toys

So many toys are chewed and destroyed within minutes, ask us for advice on toys that last. Beware poor quality rope toys that can break down and allow their strands to be swallowed, causing a linear foreign body obstruction.

4. Toys that offer mental and physical stimulation

Go for gifts that offer mental and physical stimulation. A new ball is often best for them, but don’t go too small as even these can be swallowed. What about a fun feeder to make mealtimes stimulating?

5. Beware some foodie ‘treats’

Go for pet specific treats. Please avoid feeding your pets (especially dogs) chocolate, fatty foods, bones & sweets. If your pet has swallowed something they shouldn’t have, then call us immediately on 01536 485543.

If you follow this advice for all the dog toys and pet presents you get for Christmas then they should last longer and your pet should get more out of them.

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How to buy the perfect dog toys this Christmas