How to choose a good cat sitter in Northampton

There are some excellent catteries in Northamptonshire, but not all cats do well away from home and their normal routine. Stay-at-home care is an increasingly popular option but it’s important to get the details right for your cat. So, Katie Sharman our head nurse, has put together a few handy tips and a handy checklist that you may find useful.

Download our cat holiday checklist

Types of holiday care for cats

Daily visits can be carried out by a friend, neighbour or  professional cat sitter. They will need to ensure your cat/s has enough food / water and take care of their basic needs.

Live-in care is a more focussed version of daily visits, ideal if you have a few pets. Your furry friends will have constant company and their routine will be maintained.

In both cases, it can also be reassuring to know that someone you trust is visiting your home each day, checking everything is secure and everyone is healthy.

Whatever option you choose, you need to check with your selected cat sitter to make sure they’ll provide the following:

  • Regular visits – Your cat should be visited at least twice daily.

  • Meals – The food & routine should be the same as if you were at home.

  • Water – An abundant supply of fresh water must always be available.

  • Litter – Trays should be cleaned twice daily, especially during warm weather.

Choosing the right cat sitter

As your pet is one of the most important parts of your life, you’ll feel better while you’re away if you know that someone trustworthy and knowledgeable is looking after your cat.

Katie Sharman recommends checking:

  • References – If it isn’t someone you know personally, are they able to provide details of a few other people they have sat for?

  • Knowledge – They should be able to spot signs of ill health and be aware of any specific issues that your cat may have. Plus, if your cat needs regular medication, they should be capable of administering it.

  • Quality time – The person should be willing to play with your cat or simply spend time sitting with them, for company.

  • Insurance – If your cat sitter is a professional, they should be insured – so check their documents.

No matter which option you choose for your pet, be sure to download our cat holiday checklist. If you have any questions you can always drop us a line on 01604 478888 or ask us on our Facebook page if you think they may be useful to other owners.

How to choose a good cat sitter in Northampton