How to cool down a cat in hot weather

Most cats are clued-up when it comes to cooling down in hot weather. They will naturally seek out cooler spots, but there are ways you can help them. Our Kettering team has searched the web and found some of the best cat cooling mats and cat toys you can buy in the UK.

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Check out these Cat Cooling Aids:

Cat cooling mats - Not all cats will need or want to lay on a cooling mat. If they appear to be suffering in the heat (excessive panting & salivating, pacing, lethargy, red tongue, red/pale gums), try encouraging your cat to give it a go with some catnip spray.

Best cat cooling mats for summer in the UK

We may have stumbled across a gamechanger with this one. Not only does this comfort zone have a cooling therapeutic cushion for your cat to relax on, but it also massages the head, neck, face, and gums of your cat!

Try the Catit senses cooling zone

Cat cooling pool & toys - You’ll be surprised how many cats don’t mind a little paddle in cool water. The key is to start slowly and go at your cat’s pace. Put a small amount of tepid water in a cat cooling pool. You can add more water as your cat gets used to it, if desired. Enticing your cat in may require some fun water toys and treats. The team at our Kettering vet practice has found these options for you, why not give them a try?

Cat cooling pool

Swimming fish toys to stimulate your cat’s hunter instincts

Cooling lollies can be smothered in your cat’s favourite treat - how cool is that?

Interactive toys to encourage your cat into cool, shaded spots

What about cats overheating at night?

This cat cooling bed is designed to keep your furry friend cool on warm nights and has a cooling mat built in:

Cat cooling bed

Our head vet recommends some other ways to help your cat cool down in hot weather and avoid summer dangers:

  1. Put up a parasol.

  2. Add some cat-friendly, non-toxic foliage to your garden.

  3. Provide several sources of fresh water indoors and out.

  4. Apply pet-safe sunscreen to your cat’s nose, ears, and belly.

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How to cool down a cat in hot weather