Is it safe to microchip your cat with Cat & Rabbit Clinic?

Curiosity and cats are,  according to a certain old saying, a dangerous combination, but it’s true that their penchant for exploration can lead to them wandering off and getting lost, so it makes sense to have a foolproof method of identification for them.

The team at Cat & Rabbit Care Clinic recommends microchipping as the best way of ensuring your feline friend can be quickly reunited with you in the event it loses its way, so why not contact us  to make an appointment?

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What is a microchip?

Microchips are tiny electronic devices, no bigger than a grain of  rice, which is injected under the skin of your cat’s neck where a  protective coating makes sure it stays. The procedure is quick, painless  and perfectly safe.

Why microchip your cat?

So your cat wears a collar and tag with your name and contact  details, but cats get into all sorts of scrubby areas where a collar can  get snagged and come off. A microchip can’t be lost and it doesn’t wear  out.

What does the microchip do?

Your cat’s microchip carries your unique registration number, which  links to a database where all your contact information is stored. If  your cat gets lost and is found by someone else, a vet or animal shelter  can simply scan the microchip and access the database to get your  details.

If you’ve moved house or changed any of your details you must  remember to contact the chip company and update them. If you’re unsure  about any of the details currently being stored you can bring your cat  to Cat & Rabbit Care Clinic where we can scan the chip and let you  know what information it reveals.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we are continually reviewing the provision of our services. Just contact us to find out how we can help.

Check your cat’s microchip details

Is it safe to microchip your cat with Cat & Rabbit Clinic?