Mental health benefits of having a pet when you’re isolated

Pets come with many benefits, besides their unique ability to keep  our deepest secrets, so how else can they help us get through a period  of isolation?

Right now, the Coronavirus is likely to spike rates of loneliness,  either through self-isolation or social distancing. This can have a  negative effect on physical and mental health. Here’s how having a pet can help:

  1. Keep active - having a strong bond with your pet  will encourage you to exercise and play with them regularly, which are  great for physical and mental health.

  2. Boost cardiovascular health - from cardio-friendly  dog walks to relaxing cat strokes, researchers have found that pet  ownership can improve your heart health.

  3. Be more sociable - dogs especially are great  ‘ice-breakers’. You might walk your dog alone, but lots of other dog  walkers like to interact - just keep a two-metre COVID-19 distance right  now.

  4. You’re not alone - besides giving you the  purrrfect opportunity to talk to other like-minded pet owners, pets  themselves are excellent and loyal companions. They love unconditionally  and need taking care of, so that’s time spent stroking, brushing,  feeding, walking, knitting outfits, taking photos…

  5. Reduce stress - a stressful experience can soon  become less so if you have a pet to spend time with. Those ‘puppy-dog’  eyes and hilarious antics can have a hugely positive impact on mood and  stress levels.

  6. Deal with mental health issues - pets can be a  welcome distraction and valuable support system when you’re dealing with  mental health issues, especially when human relationships might be  strained.

Contact our team if you have any questions about how to care for your pet whilst you’re  isolated. If you are experiencing mental health issues, there are lots  of organisations online that can give you help and advice including the NHS and

Mental health benefits of having a pet when you’re isolated