Our Vet shares tell-tale signs of cat pregnancy

Did you know that female cats tend to be especially fertile every two or three weeks?

This is often described as being ‘in season’ or ‘in heat’ – and if you have a new female kitten, you need to start thinking about whether or not you’d like her to have offspring of her own. Cat & Rabbit Clinic's Vet has advice for kitten and adult cat owners on this topic.

If you’re not planning on breeding, then neutering is recommended before their first season, which can occur as young as 4 months. But if you’re keen for a litter of kittens, it’s important to make sure your cat is healthy and properly supported.

In either case, we’d advise that you speak to our friendly team in Northampton who can help you get prepared and give you all the relevant advice. Why not book an appointment to see one of our nurses or vets?

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What to expect when your cat’s expecting…

There are typical signs you can look out for along your cat’s pregnancy journey. These include:

  1. Cat pregnancy usually lasts between 61 and 72 days (but most often between 63 and 67 days)
  2. Symptoms include vomiting in the early weeks, followed by pinked-up nipples, a swollen belly, weight gain of 1-2kg, and increased appetite as the pregnancy progresses.
  3. Find out for sure whether your cat is pregnant by bringing her to see one of our vets, as it’s important to establish there are no other causes for her symptoms.
  4. Around 12 to 24 hours before labour begins, your cat’s body temperature will drop to around 37.8 degrees.
  5. Before labour starts, you may also notice a change in your cat’s behaviour. She may seek out a quiet place, seem restless, and lose interest in food.
  6. You’ll see some discharge as labour begins, soon followed by kittens. However, if the discharge is discoloured or your cat appears to be struggling (without producing kittens), you should contact a vet quickly.

If you have any questions or concerns about your cat’s health during pregnancy, please remember that we’re here to help. You can make an appointment by popping into our The Drive practice, or by calling us on 01604 478888.

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Our Vet shares tell-tale signs of cat pregnancy