Prepare your dog for moving house

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life, even more so if you have a dog. Unsurprisingly, it’s not much fun for them either. But what if there was a way to ease the stress?

According to head vet Catherine Corden-Parry, you can make moving house with your dog a calmer and more enjoyable experience for you both, if you prepare in advance. Take a look at the top pics from Catherine in our moving house checklist.

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Prepare your dog for moving house - checklist:

  1. Bring moving boxes into your home ahead of time and let your dog get used to them. Bubble wrap is a health hazard for dogs so be sure to keep that out of reach.
  2. Dogs pick up on human emotions so if you’re stressed, it’s likely your dog will be too. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, perhaps you could ask a friend for help or try meditation?
  3. Plugin diffusers for pets promote calmness by omitting natural pheromones. Installing these a few weeks before can help your dog to relax, ready for the big day. We stock these.
  4. Packing is a busy process, so remember to carve out some playtime for your dog to keep them happy. Try to avoid packing with your dog in the room as this can be unsettling.
  5. Keep their routine the same i.e. walks, meal times and other activities as best you can. Reassure them, but be careful not to overfuss as they’ll think something is wrong.
  6. Book a dog health check to ensure they’re in good shape to handle the upheaval and journey. Moving house with a puppy or senior dog? Be sure to pay extra attention to their wellness.
  7. If you’re moving house with a nervous dog there are medications that could help. Ask us about these.
  8. On moving day, see if a friend or pet sitter can look after your dog at their home. If not, you can make the day go more smoothly by thinking about your dog’s basic needs:

a) Food - Keep food handy and avoid car sickness by giving lighter meals.

b) Water - Take your dog’s bowl and some water everywhere with you.

c) Toilet - Stop for regular breaks so your dog can do what they need to.

d) Exercise - Walk your dog before you set off & take exercise breaks during the day.

e) Comfort - Never leave your dog in a vehicle on a hot day, even if cloudy.

f) Safety - Use a safety harness & seatbelt in the back seat, or a secured dog crate.

g) Wellness - Keep an eye on your dog’s health and happiness today.

Good luck! If you need any further advice on how to move house with a dog, our team will be happy to help so do get in touch.

One final tip, Catherine recommends updating your dog’s microchip details with your new address on the day you move.

Prepare your dog for moving house