Preparing your rabbit for a vet visit

Rabbits are prey animals (and are not naturally good travellers) so, they can easily become stressed on occasional but vital visits to the vets. Make sure you get the most from your rabbit’s next vet visit by following our simple advice.

Prepare Properly

Write down any un-usual symptoms your pet may have shown as well as any questions you want to ask. Please call the team at The Cat & Rabbit Care Clinic before you travel to check what we need you need to bring.

Call us before you travel

Things to bring

The three things we’ll normally ask you to bring are;

  1. A recent urine or stool sample

  2. A familiar blanket to help keep your rabbit calm in the consulting room

  3. A treat to reward them at the end of their visit

Get a Great Crate

Ideally you want a Rabbit specific carry case that opens at the top. Place the case in the rabbits’ environment before the trip so they can get used to it. Feed them in it, to build positive associations with the case.

Give Good Grub

On the morning of the trip give your rabbit a good breakfast and pack lunch with favourite foods and some of their usual pellets. A foodie treat may help to encourage your rabbit to start eating again if they lose their appetite.

Top Travel

The journey is probably going to stress them. So, make sure the car is clean, odour free and as quiet as it can be. Double check that the carry case is secure and level. Then, drive gently and, when you get here, try to minimise the amount of time you spend in the waiting room and or keep your rabbit as far away from other pets that are waiting as you can.

Bring a Friend

If your rabbit lives with a companion, bring them both. It will be less stressful for them to be kept together.

When you get home

Ideally your rabbit will have enjoyed a treat before they finish their visit but once they get home do make sure they are eating and drinking as normal. If they are not, call us and we may ask you to syringe feed to get them going.

As ever, if you are in any doubt, following your visit, call us on 01604 478888 for further advice.

Preparing your rabbit for a vet visit