Rabbit care and preparing your home for Christmas

With the Christmas festivities approaching, there’s lots to be done but what should Rabbit owners be thinking of as we prepare for the seasonal holidays.

Simon Maddock, our head vet, has written a pre-Christmas to-do list for rabbit owners to ensure the house is ready for the small furry animals as well as the rest of the family.

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1. Seasonal Plants

Seasonal plants are commonly brought into houses across Northamptonshire and can be a potential problem. Holly, ivy & mistletoe can all be toxic if eaten by rabbits so make sure you don’t let the plants lie close to the floor and watch for any berries or leaves that could drop and then be eaten.

2. Christmas Decorations

It’s best not to leave your pet unattended, roaming around the house over Christmas. Electric wires from the Christmas tree lights, and lit candles are a disaster waiting to be nibbled. Take special care with things like tinsel, wrapping ribbon and paper.

3. Human Food

The best way to avoid trouble is not to give your pets any human snacks. Too many people think it’s a bit of fun to offer peanuts or crisps to rabbits. This is a terrible idea, owing to the amount of salt they contain . Please make sure everyone knows that it’s a big NO NO to feed small furries salty snacks.

4. Stress & Rabbits

Stress in rabbits is a killer. Increased levels of noise, exuberant children and the general mayhem that is crimbo’, can get cause great distress. If you keep your rabbit indoors, then keep them in a ‘sanctuary room’ where can be left alone in peace & quiet.

What you should do

Watch out for your rabbit not eating, grinding its teeth, looking unhappy or not leaving any pellets. All of these are symptoms of gut stasis from too much stress.

The golden rule is to keep everything out of reach of your pet and remember, if your rabbit is well fed, it’s unlikely to just eat anything.

Finally, if you keep them outside, it can be all too easy to forget them. So, do thoroughly check the hutch every day in good light.

Get our rabbit to-do list

Rabbit care and preparing your home for Christmas