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Most of us indulge a little (or a lot) over the Winter months when it’s cold and dreary outside, and relaxing at home in the warmth is way more appealing. Your cat has probably been hanging around the house more too, choosing to pass the time ‘cat napping’ rather than braving the elements. It may have been tempting to give your cat a few extra treats as well, to get their coat ‘winter-ready’.

Just like humans, when cats become more sedentary and don’t exercise as much, those unused calories soon add up. Putting on extra weight for winter warmth might seem logically like a good idea, however, if your cat is staying indoors more and being less active, the extra weight will be doing a lot more harm than good.

At Cat & Rabbit Care Clinic we want to help you help your cat slim down and improve their fitness. Take our Fit Cat Test and understand your cat’s current level of fitness and interest in seeking out rewards.

Take our Fit Cat Test

Get your cat on the right track this year by following these 5 steps:

  1. Book a vet checkup to ensure your cat is in good health otherwise. Your vet will be able to advise you on how to change your cat’s diet safely for weight loss if needed. Cutting food too quickly can actually harm your cat.
  2. Swap your cat’s treats to healthier ones and reduce any unhealthy human food ‘tit-bits’ such as cream or cheese.
  3. If they like toys, spend 10-20 minutes per day encouraging your cat to play. Introduce new toys & scratching posts to increase activity. Look up videos on how to make a cat home gym - hours of fun for you both!
  4. Place healthy treats or toys around your home and encourage your cat to investigate. Try some of the suggestions in our Fit Cat Test.
  5. See if your cat will follow you for a healthy treat or two - a few laps around your living room, up the stairs, and up onto a bed will get their heart pumping (and yours).

If your cat seems unusually lazy, or is struggling to get around or jump like they used to, call us on 01604 478888 to book a vet checkup.

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Take our Fit Cat Test