Visiting Northlands Veterinary Hospital during the Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus is dominating the news right now and has got many pet  owners worried about what to do if their pets need veterinary treatment  and they can’t leave the house.

Our head nurse Allison has created a quick guide on when you should and shouldn’t visit the vets.

YOU shouldn’t go to the vets if:

  • You’ve tested positive for Coronavirus

  • You’ve been advised to self-isolate

Read the government’s advice on who should self isolate and why

If your pet needs treatment, call our veterinary team for advice on 01536 485543. Can a friend, family member or neighbour bring your pet to us instead?

What about social distancing?

To help with social distancing, we have a number of different options  now available to minimise human contact whilst still ensuring your pet  doesn’t miss out on vital pet care:

  • We can offer telephone consultations for many health issues and follow-up checks.

  • If you prefer, let us know you’re here and wait in the car to be called in for your appointment.

  • Pet only consults - bring your pet to our doors and we’ll hand them back after their examination.

  • Some medications can be ordered and paid for over the phone and contact can be kept to a minimum when collecting.

  • Non-urgent procedures and treatments may be able to be postponed.

Talk to our team at 2 Northampton Road, Kettering about what’s best for your pet at this time.

If you are coming into one of  our practices, we ask you to respect other clients and our team by  keeping a safe distance apart wherever possible.

Reasons YOUR PET should go to the vets include:

  • Emergencies such as wounds, shock, stings, snake bites, poisons, toxic food consumption, seizures, GDV (bloat), trauma, etc.

  • They are undergoing treatment for a serious illness.

  • Unusual loss of appetite or a detrimental change in behaviour.

  • Their anal glands are blocked and need emptying (can be uncomfortable and lead to infection).

If your pet experiences any of the above, call us for advice on 01536 485543.

Visiting Northlands Veterinary Hospital during the Coronavirus outbreak