Why talk to a Vet before putting an overweight cat on a diet

If your cat has gained weight recently you might be planning to cut down their portions or switch to a lower calorie alternative; after all, that’s what us humans would do!

With cats, however, even small changes to their diet can have a big impact on their health, and not always a good one. Our head nurse explains why you should always consult with your Vet before putting your overweight cat on a diet.

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Carrying too much weight can cause your cat health issues, both now and in the future. This is why it is so important to get on top of the situation sooner rather than later.

According to our head nurse, all cats have individual physiologies and needs. Even small changes can make a big impact, which could be positive or negative. Changes might be food amount, specialised diets, and frequency of meals.

By booking an appointment with one of the Vets at our Northampton practice, they can help you help your overweight cat lose the weight safely.

How our Vets can help:

  1. A nose-to-tail health check to look for any health issues that might be affected by a new weight-loss programme.

  2. An examination and Body Condition Score will determine how overweight they are.

  3. Discuss your cat’s ideal weight with you - usually 8-10 lbs dependant on age and breed.

  4. Answer your questions or concerns.

  5. Create a personalised weight-loss plan for your cat’s needs.

  6. Enlist the help of our nursing team to support you through your cat’s weight-loss journey and monitor their progress.

Our Vets will also advise you to take it slow when it comes to cat dieting. Any changes to your cat’s food should be transitioned over 2-3 weeks to avoid unnecessary stress on your cat and potential health problems.

Another important factor in any weight-loss programme is exercise. Our head nurse and the rest of our team will be able to share lots of tried and tested ways to encourage your cats to be more active, involving healthy treats and interesting cat toys!

Take the first step in helping your overweight cat and book an appointment now.

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Why talk to a Vet before putting an overweight cat on a diet