Donating blood with the Pet Blood Bank (PBBuk)

We are proud to announce that, in conjunction with the Pet Blood Bank, we hold regular blood donation sessions at our George Street, Corby branch. These sessions are held roughly every 3-4months and we are always on the lookout for donors


Does your dog meet the following criteria? Do you know someone with a dog that meets the following criteria?

 If so please read on!


* Weigh 25kg or over

* Aged between 1 and 8 years

* Have a good temperament

* Never traveled abroad

* Up to date with ALL vaccinations

* Not on any medication

* Fit and healthy


***WHAT IT ALL ENTAILS: Your dog will be given an appointment, at which they will receive a full health check, weight check and a small sample of blood will be taken to enable the Pet Blood Bank to run tests to ensure that your dog is fit and healthy. If this is all clear your dog will then be required to lay on their side for about 15minutes while the donated blood is collected. Once this is done you will be seated in the waiting room for a short period where your dog will have his/her photo taken for the Pet Blood Banks Facebook page, be given a small snack and a drink and you will be given a goody pack, which generally includes a toy and some treats

All of which is at no cost to you (so its FREE!)


***ARE YOU INTERESTED?: If you are interested in your dog becoming a donor and want to know more about what a Blood Donation Session will entail then please watch by clicking on this link:

 If you fit the criteria stated above then please register, but please do not feel that you have to come to every session that we hold


***HOW TO JOIN IN: It is very easy for your dog to become a donor, all you have to do is follow this link and register your dog with the pet Blood Bank, they will then contact you to arrange an appointment on their next available blood drive.



***NEGATIVE BLOOD TYPES: Negative blood is the rarer blood type in dogs and therefore the Pet Blood Bank are always looking for more of the breeds stated in the list below as it has been found that these breeds appear to have a predisposition to being Negative, and the Pet Blood Bank are in need of more Negative blood donors. So if you own a breed of dog from the list, or know of someone who does (either a pedigree or a cross) then PLEASE consider them to be Blood Donors:


* Airedales

* American Bulldog

* Boxers

* Doberman

* English Bull Terriers

* Flat Coated Retrievers

* German Shepherds

* Greyhounds

* Lurchers

* Mastiffs various breeds

* Pointer (English)

* Weimaraners