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Our cat travel 21-tip-tick-list

For occasional trips to the vets, the cattery or the groomer its best, in fact it’s vital to transport your cat in a cage, crate or carrier. Loose cats in cars or on public transport are a real no-no. So, before you do your next trip with you cat, why not scan our 21 quick fire tips to make sure you’re fully prepared for the road ahead.

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The ideal cat cage, crate or carrier

Your cat carrier should…

1. Be sturdy & cleanable

2. Be the right size – Big enough for them to move around but small enough so they can’t fly around it if it’s moved suddenly.

3. Have front and top openings

4. Have the option to remove the top half

5. Have sides that offer privacy

6. Be fitted with a comfortable floor they can grip on to (see 2 above)

Using the carrier and getting your cat into it

Get your cat used to the cage, crate or carrier by having it somewhere the cat can access regularly. Just dragging it out of the garage for trips, means your cat may come to only associate it with stressful situations.

When it comes to getting your cat into the carrier try…

7. Applying a couple of squirts of pheromone spray into the carrier, just before your trip

8. Setting the carrier up on a level, non-slip surface that’s easy for you to access (like a table)

9. Place a treat just outside the carrier then as they go for it…

10. Gently grasp your cat at the top of its front legs supporting its body with your forearm. Then…

11. ‘Post’ them into the front entrance of the cage

12. If that doesn’t work, try using the top entrance

13. Once they’re in, cover the carrier and give them some ‘calm time’

Be fully prepared for the trip

You can make life easier for you and your furry friend by having a think about your trip and preparing a few things in advance.

14. Plan to travel at quiet times

15. Plan the trip to be as short as possible – avoid stop offs

16. Remove strong odours from your car a while before you plan to use it

17. Get the temperature of the car right – similar to the house you’re coming from if you can.

18. Secure the carrier on the back seat & level it up

19. Cover the carrier during transit

20. Play familiar quiet music as you go

21. Offer treats

So, there you go, it’s as simple as that! To make life easier why not download and save our Cat Travel Tick List and keep it handy for your next trip out to see us at Northlands Vets.

Get our 21-tip tick list
Download • 49KB