The Avenues details the benefits of grooming your dog

Grooming is good for your dog – in fact, it’s good for both of you as it helps to strengthen the bond between you. Check out the benefits as perceived here by our vet Adrian and you’ll quickly agree that a daily routine is well worth the time.

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Why should you groom your dog? There are plenty of reasons, not least that the time spent going over your pet’s coat will give you a chance to make sure there are no suspicious lumps of bumps hiding under it.

But it’s not just dogs with thick coats that benefit from a daily brushing – even short-coated pets need to have dead hair removed so their coat stays ventilated. Plus, brushing and combing help with blood circulation and with the balance of natural oils in the fur.

And there’s more to canine grooming than just getting rid of tangles and dead hair. Beyond the coat there are checks to be done on teeth, eyes, ears, paws – it’s a chance to make sure there are no warning signs like bleeding gums or mites in the ears.

Grooming time should be pleasant for your dog, so give it plenty of encouragement and praise and reward its patience with treats – it’ll soon come to look forward to this time spent together.

If while grooming your dog you come across anything that you think may be cause for concern, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01536 512200 or contact us online for advice.